JBV provides enhanced planning and program support to meet your funding, operational, and calendar driven deadlines.

Each project receives its own client-accessible administrative website featuring a robust set of tools that allow you to track and manage your event’s development.

With our method of choosing vendors in accordance with targeted skill sets, we provide the right answers the 1st time. Our vendor selection process is by far superior to the typical “off the shelf” approach used by many production companies.

We help you navigate all your programming options and select the correct elements that maximize your project goals.

When bringing ideas to life, its your vision and your priorities that are the foundation of our creative process.

We devise set, visual, audio, staging, and scripted elements and present them in a format that engages the client and encourages feedback and participation.

Using a wide range of artistic and technical knowledge, we work with you to achieve a look, sound, and feel that is both memorable and effectively delivers your message to your audience.

On “Show Day” JBV demonstrates flexible on-site management capable of surmounting even the most daunting challenges.

Add that to the fact that we tap a large pool of highly qualified technical vendors, and we’ve got it covered.

Our effective use of resources and our attention to cost efficiency are balanced with your program goals. We take pride in our ability to adapt to obstacles as they present themselves and successfully navigate a changing production environment.

JBV works with recognized industry leaders to utilize the best options available for the technical direction and production of your event.

We are top-of-the-game at designing event “experiences” using lighting, sound, video, and more.

We’re experts at directing all aspects of the production process, from negotiating venue, labor, artists, and equipment rental agreements, to real time program and stage management. Including large and critical site installations.

We deliver it all with one eye on the clock, and the other on your budget.

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