When the partners first opened JBV Production, within 2 weeks they signed our 1st major client. How? Simple, they put their whole hearts into the firm and haven’t looked back since.

With hundreds of events under our belt, the clients we attract are drawn to us for our subject matter expertise and extensive portfolio the projects we win are based on our production and design abilities and our dedication to fulfilling the client’s vision. It’s what we’ve always done and we’re consistently looking for new ways to do it and new clients to do if for.

Our Services

From the planning to the installation, through the program to the final take down JBV will manage your event with sensitivity to the who, what, when, where, & how, by placing the audience experience as a priority, and client satisfaction as the end result.


JBV provides enhanced planning and program support to meet your funding, operational, and calendar driven deadlines.


JBV demonstrates flexible on-site management capable of surmounting even the most daunting challenges.


When bringing ideas to life, its your vision and your priorities that are the foundation of our creative process.


JBV works with recognized industry leaders to utilize the best options available for the technical direction and production of your event.


Although JBV has substantial production credits across a broad range of events, we take great pride in our resume of Music Production. We’ve been privileged to present music internationally in every genre, but its our success in presenting America’s Classical Music “Jazz” on the global stage that has given us the greatest personal pleasure and enjoyment.